Meet the Team

Baja Paragliding Experience started as a passion for flying among friends.


As an active pilot of Baja Paragliding Experience, Andrés originates from South Africa and comes from an active background in other adrenaline sports. The flying he loves the most is long XC’s along the Pacific Ocean

When he is not flying he is scuba diving.


Alejandro has been flying paragliders since the age of 15. Alex has thousands of hours flying tandem and hundreds of happy customers under his belt. Alex paraglides every day if he can and his passion for the sport is next to none.

When he is not paramotoring, he can be found free-flying and competing in the mountains near Mexico City. 


Owner and operations manager. Naomi runs logistics with military-style precision timing and next-level customer service.  When Naomi is not behind the scenes, she enjoys training Elijah and binge-watching RuPaul’s Drag Race.


Zack is Australian and comes with a lot of experience to the team. Zack has flow all over the world including Nepal, Turkey, Spain, Iceland, and the Alps.


Elijah has been part of Baja Paragliding Experience since 2021 and ensures maximum entertainment for those on the ground. He loves chasing birds, stealing snacks and belly rubs.

When Elijah is not with the crew on the beach, he enjoys very short walks, watching RuPaul’s Dragrace and snoring loudly.